Section 8.01 Authorization

A division is hereby created within the office of the Village Clerk/Treasurer of the Village of Bellville, hereafter referred to as the Department of Taxation. The Village Clerk/Treasurer shall appoint an Income Tax Administrator. The Income Tax Administrator shall be charged with the administration and operation of the Department of Taxation and this Ordinance, under the direction of the Village Clerk/Treasurer.


Section 8.02 Allocation of Income Tax Funds

The funds collected under Article 4 of this Ordinance shall be deposited in the Village Income Tax Fund and said funds collected January 1, 2002, and thereafter shall be disbursed in the following order to wit:

1. Such part thereof as shall be necessary to defray all costs of collecting the tax and the costs of administering and enforcing the provisions thereof.

2. The total amount of the net available income tax receipts received annually shall be allocated as follows:

a. Seventy percent (70%) shall be placed in the General Fund.

b. Thirty percent (30%) shall be placed in the Maintenance and Repair Fund.