Presbyterian Church of Bellville
118 Markey Street
Bellville, Ohio 44813

The Mission of the church is to share Jesus Christ with the community and the world in our thoughts, words, and actions.

Worship: Sunday Worship at 10:30 am- Reverend Karin Wright ( If you have a pastoral emergency or wish to speak to the pastor, call 440-552-8447 (cell) or email: )

Christian Education - 9:15 am- Group study of The Story. We are exploring the Bible from Genesis to Revelations. Books are available at the church. Leader- Reverend Karin Wright, (419-886-3881 or email at

Children’s Sunday School – 9:15 am

Communion – The first Sunday of each month.

Social Reception after church services – 2nd Sunday of the month

Practice Times - Come join us!
Bell Practice - Wednesday at 7:00 pm
Choir Practice - Wednesday 8 pm

Ministers of the Presbyterian Church of Bellville
All members of the congregation

Prayer Chain: If you have a prayer request for the prayer chain, contact Jewelene Smith at 419-886-3979

Church Officers
Moderator of Session
- Reverend Karin Wright at
Clerk of Session- Candace Branham, 419-566-0124
Elders: Meeting 1st Tuesday of each month at 7 pm at 312 Durbin Ave, Carolynn Studenmund’s Home
2016 – Ruth Ann Kilgore, Shelly Hollar, Marla Freeman
2015- Jewelene Smith, Richard Morrison, Miriam Hamilton
2014-Candace Branham, Carolynn Studenmund
Trustees: Meet 1st Monday at the church at 7 pm
2016-Jane Kurdzel
2015- Lee Kilgore, Bill Smith
2014- Craig Hoeflich
Deacons: Meet 3rd Tuesday at the church at 7 pm
2016 – Ruth Ellen Shinabarker, JoAnn Johnson
2015 - Carol Hoeflich, Mick Benson, Jan Dearth
2014 - Dennis Benson, Jan Tangeman

Bulletins – Terri Benson, Contact her by Wednesday with information to be published. Phone- 419-886-4984

Church Committees

Worship and Music – Miriam Hamilton, Dennis Benson, Christine Curtiss
Education – Marla Freeman, Shelly Hollar
Personnel- Miriam Hamilton, Ruth Ann Kilgore
Audit – Ruth Ann Kilgore, Carolynn Studenmund
Budget – Jewelene Smith,
Nominating Committee- Shelly Hollar, Candace Branham


Pastor- Reverend Karin Wright
Clerk of Session – Candace Branham
Treasurers- Sally and Richard Morrison
Financial Secretary- Jewelene Smith
Organist- Dennis Benson
Choir Director- Christine Curtiss
Church Bulletin- Terri Benson, Turn in information to be put in the Bulletin by Wednesday, by calling 419-886-4984

**Calendar **


Community Dinner – 3rd Thursday of each month 5:30 pm – volunteers for preparation of salads and desserts, or workers for serving and clean up are needed. Come share meal time and fellowship with us!

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