Shade Tree Commission

Brian Wade, Chairman

Shade Tree CommissionBarbara Schaefer

Cody Bartrum

Chad Young

Dean Dickson

Jason Potes, Council Representative

Teri L. Brenkus, Mayor

Powers and Duties of the Bellville Shade Tree Commission
    The Shade Tree Commission shall have power to study, investigate, plan, advise, report and recommend to Council or the Mayor any action, program, plan or legislation which the Commission shall find or determine to be necessary or advisable for the care, preservation, trimming, planting, replanting, removal or disposition of trees or shrubs, in public ways, streets, alleys, parks or other property owned by the Village of Bellville.
    The Shade Tree commission shall have the authority and jurisdiction for regulating and planting, maintenance, and removal of trees or shrubs on streets and other village owned property to insure safety or preserve the aesthetics of such public sites, in accordance with the permit system contained in the term of this ordinance, and in conformity with any ordinances specifying plans and locations of plantings.

Permits Required:
    No person shall here after plant or remove any tree or shrub upon any public way, street alley, parks, or other property owned by the Village, unless he shall have first obtained a permit in writing from the Shade Tree Commission specifying the size, type, species and location so to be planted.
The Shade Tree Commission is subject to Ordinance No. 14-86 and No. 14-08