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Sunday July 15, 2018
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Brigette Gatton, Fiscal Officer

Sandra Homerick, Income Tax Administrator                                       

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142 Park Place                                                                                    
Bellville, Ohio 44813
Phone:(419)886-2245 X 3
Fax: (419)886-2297

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CHANGES TO INCOME TAX FOR 2016.  To comply with House Bill 5, the Village of Bellville passed Ordinance 33-2015.  This will change the way that income tax is collected by the Village of Bellville Income Tax Department.  For a full list of rules and regulations for the new collection method, please click here.


The Village of Bellville tax on earned income is 1.0%. For residents who live in Bellville and work in other municipalities or villages with an income tax, a credit is applied of .5% of wages that taxes were imposed upon another municipality.

Where to file
Mail competed return and payment with all W-2s, 1099, miscellaneous forms and federal schedules applicable to :

Village of Bellville
142 Park Place
Bellville, OH 44813
Tel: 419-886-2245 X 3
Fax: 419-886-2297

Due Date
Bellville Income Tax Returns are due by April 15. If a tax return is filed early and a payment is due, the payment is also due by April 15. If not paid on time, there will be a $25.00 late charge for individuals and businesses.

In order for the Village of Bellville to grant an extension, a copy of Federal Extension request must be received by April 15th.

Supporting Documents
Documentation is necessary to verify all amounts of taxable income. Federal schedules, W-2’s and 1099’s are necessary or else the tax return will be considered incomplete. A net loss may not be used to offset W-2 income.

Who Must File?
Bellville has a mandatory filing ordinance. Everyone, 16 years of age and over, is required to file a tax return, regardless of whether they have a taxable income. If the person is retired and has no income other than retirement (no rentals, part time jobs, etc.), they need to file an exemption form with the income tax department. To retreive the form, please click here.