Bellville Farmers Market Policy
Sunday July 15, 2018
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BFM Policy

BFM Policy

The Village of Bellville and the Clear Fork Valley are blessed with a strong sense of community and a rich agricultural history.  Inspired by, and to continue this heritage, the Bellville Farmers Market (BFM) was formed.   

To this end, the purpose of the BFM is to directly connect agricultural producers to consumers and to enhance the link between the farm and the kitchen table.  This farmers market is dedicated to encourage and increase the production of small farmers and growers.   To promote use of agriculture products, “Cottage food production” items are encouraged. For the 2015 season, we will again welcome producers with agriculturally motivated products. These vendors will be subject to an application/permit same as growers and cottage food vendors.  Agriculturally motivated products will be subject to an inspection like that of growers and must be approved by the Bellville Farmers Market Advisory Committee.

The 2015 Bellville Farmers Market will be held each Saturday morning from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon, May 16, 2015 until October 10, 2015.  Vendors may not set up before 7:30 a.m. on the day of the market and must be ready to sell by 8:45 a.m.  The market provides space for growers to sell their own “home grown” produce and plants, as well as cottage food production items made or packaged by the producers. Producers must arrive by 8:15 to retain their reserved location.

For the integrity of the market and the safety of the public, please be prepared to participate until 12:00pm/noon.  Early tear down is not consistent with the advertised timeline of the market in addition to a safety concern for those visiting the market that day.  It is the producer’s responsibility to bring enough products to the market that day to keep them busy during the markets operational period.  If you are unable to stay the entire market, please inform the market manager of your inability to participate so that your spot may be filled.  Please contact the market manager before Saturday’s market with any issues.

All potential producers must have a permit signed, received, and accepted by a Farmers Market Advisory Committee Member by Tuesday of the week they would like to begin selling.  It is important to verify that new producers understand market policy and had a garden inspection completed by Thursday of the week they plan to begin selling, if selling produce or plants.    

This Farmers Market is intended to support local growers and producers in Bellville and limited surrounding areas.   It is not intended to be a re-sale market for produce, plants, or other items purchased elsewhere.  All cottage food products must be made or packaged by the signed producer.  All produce (fruit and vegetables) and plants must be grown by the producer.  Producers need to submit all addresses where they will be growing their produce/plants.  Producers may use another person’s land only if produce/plants are being grown and cared for by the named producer.   The Farmers Market Advisory Committee, with the assistance of fellow producers, will visit participating gardens/farms to validate accuracy of submitted information. In an effort to support the local farmers of the Clearfork Valley, producers must be established within a 15 mile radius of downtown Bellville.

This market will be following the guidelines of the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture and Ohio Revised Codes as it pertains to Cottage Foods Production and labeling.  The market committee will prohibit a producer from selling a product at the market that does not comply with market policy or local, state, or federal regulations and certification or licensing requirements.  This is necessary to ensure a safe product is being sold.  Failure of the market to comply with these guidelines may lead to the market being shut down by the state.  Producers wishing to sell canned goods (other than jam, jelly, honey or syrup), eggs, or other items that are potentially hazardous must show they have proper licensing or are certified by the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture.  All guidelines for safe handling of such foods must be followed.  This policy will be rigidly enforced to protect the integrity of the market.  Samples may be given if safe handling procedures are followed. The Ohio Department of Agriculture has guidelines listed on their website for further reference:

Organic farmers are encouraged to display their certification.  Farmers may not sell under the “organic” name without this certification.  All such claims must be verifiable.

With acceptance into the market, every producer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Bellville Farmers Market, the Farmers Market Advisory Committee, the Village of Bellville, and any individuals associated with the operation of the market from any and all claims. Producers are encouraged to look into their personal liability coverage with their insurance company and/or agent before participating.

Permits for space at the market are to be used for the signed producer’s products only.   Producers may not sell other peoples products from their space or allow another person to use their space.  No two producers may share the same space, unless each has paid the set fee and signed a permit.   A space can be reserved for the entire season.  Spaces along the alley and parking lot will be assigned by the Farmers Market Advisory Committee on the basis of market attendance throughout the season, seniority in the market, and volunteer service to the Farmers Market Advisory Committee.  

The market committee reserves the right to change market policy at any time to improve the market or deal with any problem or concern that may come up.  Producer signature will be obtained showing the producer has read and understands any changes in market policy.   

Producers must:
Sign a permit stating your intention to comply with permit guidelines and market policy.

Label all items which fall under Cottage Food Production guidelines with your name, address, ingredients in descending order by weight, net weight or volume of product, and state in 10 pt. type “This product is home produced”.    Check the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture, Food Safety Division website to verify items which may be sold as a Cottage Food Product, and to review licensing and certification requirements.  

Agree to sell produce/plants that are 100% grown by you, which will be verified by the BFM advisory committee and /or other active producers, via a garden inspection Thursdays prior to setup.   Failure to comply with the home grown policy will ban producer from all future markets.

Keep their space clean during market hours and remove all boxes, bags, leftover products, and trash at the end of the market.   Vehicles may be parked on the lawn, if ground isn’t soggy.

Notify a market committee member if someone else will be selling “your” product on a market day.  This person will be required to sign a liability waiver.

Producers are encouraged to obtain their own insurance against all liabilities.

The Market Advisory Committee expects producers to read this agreement and verify Ohio Dept. of Agriculture Rules and Ohio Revised Codes as it pertains to the selling of market items, before signing.

Any enhancements, suggestions, and ideas are greatly appreciated.

The Bellville Farmers Market Advisory Chairman and committee have the right to refuse space, without refund, to any producer who violates this agreement.

Receipts will be issued upon payment.  Cash Payment Preferred.  Checks Payable to Megan Hill
Payment can be mailed to Teasha Sprague   7183 County Road 37, Lexington, Ohio 44904

Thank you for your interest and support.   We are looking forward to another great season!
The Bellville Farmers Market Advisory Committee     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     

Teasha Sprague      BFM Chairman          (440) 622-1611      
Megan Hill                                                      (567) 772-0089      
Cassandra Hehmeyer                                (419) 525 3510



Clear Fork Subdistrict of Muskingum Watershed Conservative Districe

Clear Fork Subdistrict of the
Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District

Clear Fork Subdistrict of the MWCD was formed June 7, 2015.  The MWCD is working with the United States Geological Survey of the U. S. Department of the Interior to study the waters of the Clear Fork.  Part of that study includes a gauge placed on the Main Street Bridge in Bellville (St. Rt. 13 Bridge or “The Blue Bridge”).



Currently, you are able to view the depth of the water on-line at that location, as well as, the Black Fork and the Clear Fork Reservoir.  With a few clicks of your mouse you can have the gauge text you when the water goes over a certain depth that you choose.

Clear Fork Stream Gauge Directions:  Note USGS Ohio Water Science Center web page is                                                                        printed on the reverse.

  1. Go to: (1)
  2. Find real-time data located just below the Ohio map on the top left side of the page. (2)
  3. Click on Streamflow (3A)
  4. Scroll down the list of counties to Richland County
  5. Click on 03131982 corresponding to Clear Fork Mohican River at Bellville, OH
  6. The graph will show you the depth of the river for the past few days
  7. Below the graph, on the right hand side, click on “water alert
  8. Complete the subscription form to receive a text when the Clear Fork is at the depth you choose.

It is estimated that the Clear Fork will leave its banks on Main Street north of the Main Street Bridge at 11 feet, at 13 feet it reaches the bottom of the bridge and at 15 feet it is over the bridge decking.  These numbers are subject to change when more data is obtained.

Clear Fork Reservoir Gauge Directions: 

  1. Go to: (1)
  2. Find real-time data located just below the Ohio map on the top left side of the page. (2)
  3. Click on Lakes & Reservoirs (3B)
  4. Scroll down the list of counties to Richland County
  5. Click on 03131898 corresponding to Clear Fork Reservoir located near Lexington, OH
  6. The graph will show you the elevation of the water
  7. Water flows over the spillway when it reaches 1201.34 feet above sea level.
  8. Please keep in mind that the reservoir was designed to have water flowing over the spill way.  This just tells us how much water is going over in real time.