The Trustees, Sexton and Clerk of the Bellville Cemetery have developed the  following regulations and information. With your help, we can keep the Bellville Cemetery beautiful and provide a place of rest for our loved ones that we can all be proud of.

            Your cooperation is appreciated. Thank You.

Revised July 13, 2015

Flowers and Decorations

        All wanted decorations and containers must be removed by:
            March 15-Spring cleanup
            October 15-fall cleanup

Trees and Shrubs


    Monuments are to be set following the regulations as established by the Cemetery Trustees. In accordance with the August 11, 2003 regulations of the Board of Trustees, the following specifications will be in effect:

              Four inch extensions on each side are required

              Single grave:    Monument -  36 inches x 14 inches            

                                          Foundation - 44 inches x 22 inches

             Double grave:   Monument - 72 inches x 14 inches

                                          Foundation 80 inches x 22 inches

              No extension is required  

              Single grave:     Monument - 44 inches x 22 inches

               Double grave:  Monument - 80 inches x 22 inches              


                               April 1st for spring pouring.
                               September 1st for fall pouring.


              One regular burial or a maximum of three cremations

               Two cremation burials.

    Please clean up after your pet.
    The cemetery will not be liable for any damages due to the use of mowers, tractor, weed eater, or other equipment
    These rules may be revised without notice.
    Bellville Cemetery Trustees:
    Richard Kuhn, Chair    

    Mary Sheriff

    Brent McKenna

    Josh Epperson Council Representative