Tuesday June 19, 2018
Public Announcements


The Trustees, Sexton and Clerk of the Bellville Cemetery have developed the  following regulations and information. With your help, we can keep the Bellville Cemetery beautiful and provide a place of rest for our loved ones that we can all be proud of.

            Your cooperation is appreciated. Thank You.

Revised July 13, 2015

Flowers and Decorations

        All wanted decorations and containers must be removed by:
            March 15-Spring cleanup
            October 15-fall cleanup

  • Decorations deemed inappropriate will be removed without notice.
  • Artificial flowers are only permitted in saddles and permanently attached vases.
  • All planting and decorations must be placed at head of grave no more than 16" from the head of monument and maintained by the lot owner, or they will be removed without notice.
  • No glass containers, gravel, wire, wood chips, or stones are permitted. Only fine mulch is permitted.
  • No rigid permanent borders are allowed. This includes any type of fencing.
  • Shepherd hooks are permitted for hanging baskets. Shepherd hook must be in line with the monument.

Trees and Shrubs

  • Donations may be made toward tree planting and /or cemetery beautification.
  • Planting of trees, shrubs, or bushes (rose,etc.) is prohibited.
  • No trees are to be removed except by Sexton or persons appointed by the Trustees.
  • Storm damaged or diseased trees will be trimmed or disposed of.


    Monuments are to be set following the regulations as established by the Cemetery Trustees. In accordance with the August 11, 2003 regulations of the Board of Trustees, the following specifications will be in effect:

  • Maximum size of single gravestones in the 1979 and 2013 additions of Bellville Cemetery:

              Four inch extensions on each side are required

              Single grave:    Monument -  36 inches x 14 inches            

                                          Foundation - 44 inches x 22 inches

             Double grave:   Monument - 72 inches x 14 inches

                                          Foundation 80 inches x 22 inches

  • Maximum size of any other stone in the Bellville Cemetery:

              No extension is required  

              Single grave:     Monument - 44 inches x 22 inches

               Double grave:  Monument - 80 inches x 22 inches              

  • Maximum height of monument will not exceed 43 1/2 inches from the top of foundation to top of monument


  • Baby section: 10 inches x 20 inches
  • A lot must be paid in full before monuments can be placed.
  • All monuments are to be placed at head of graves. No exceptions.
  • Foundations are to be installed only by a contractor who is approved by the Bellville Cemetery Sexton.
  • Foundations are poured twice a year in the spring and fall.
  • To be eligible for monument placement, foundation orders must be received from the Monument Company by the following dates:

                               April 1st for spring pouring.
                               September 1st for fall pouring.


  • All transfers of gravesites must go through the clerk of the cemetery to be valid.
  • Number of burials per gravesite:

              One regular burial or a maximum of three cremations

  • Number of burials per cremation gravesite:

               Two cremation burials.

  • The sprinkling of ashes over cemetery property is prohibited.  Any sprinkled ashes found on cemetery property will be removed and discarded.
  • No burials of baby at foot of graves in 1979 or 2013 additions.

    Please clean up after your pet.
    The cemetery will not be liable for any damages due to the use of mowers, tractor, weed eater, or other equipment
    These rules may be revised without notice.
    Bellville Cemetery Trustees:
    Richard Kuhn, Chair    

    Mary Sheriff

    Brent McKenna

    Josh Epperson Council Representative